Welcome to the Friess lab!

Research in our lab is focused on traumatic brain injury (TBI). Specifically, we are focused on utilizing clinical relevant animal models of TBI to study the effects of secondary insults — intracranial hypertension, hypoxemia and neuroinflammation — after moderate and severe TBI.

By further understanding the effects of secondary insults, we hope to develop novel neuroprotective approaches and therapeutics that can improve outcomes following TBI.

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Principal Investigator

Stuart Friess, MD

Friess has a strong background in translational neurocritical care research with specific training and expertise in large and small animal modeling of acute brain injury. Previous work has included developing neurobehavioral outcome measures in a swine model of head injury and multimodal intracranial monitoring in swine models of traumatic brain injury and cardiac arrest.

Currently, Friess’s research is focused on studying the effects of delayed secondary hypoxemia and the impact of gut microbial dysbiosis on neuroinflammation, injury and recovery after traumatic brain injury.